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Full Send Triathlon was founded in 2018 as a way to connect multisport athletes and give back to the totally rad multisport community, in an effort to advance the sport in the US at the highest level.

A core value of Full Send Triathlon is the #fullsendfamily. We are a community of athletes above all else, supporting each other and those around us, always lifting each other up and striving to bring out the best in everybody we touch throughout our lives.

Full Send Triathlon values family, sportsmanship, and competition above all else. We want to be the best version of ourselves and compete against the best in the sport in a fair competition to see who is the best on the day. But win or lose, we are going to be the ones out there having the most fun - at any level of the sport. We support a #cleansport and fair, friendly, hard competition for all.

Full Send Triathlon was founded by three time USA Triathlon overall age group national champion Justin Lippert (learn more about Justin). Quoted by USA Triathlon Media saying “My phrase for the day was, ‘Are you going full send right now?’ So, every 5-10 minutes, I’d do that mental check — ‘Are you going full send? No? Well, let’s go.’” provided ample inspiration to other athletes who desired to do the same. Full Send started by opening sales of their signature #fullsend hats to show support of the #fullsend lifestyle - always striving for greatness. Seeing the connection and support from athletes across the US and even internationally(!!) - Full Send Triathlon Team was born to further connect and support athletes in the US and across the globe.

Be a part of something bigger than yourself - Be a part of Full Send Triathlon.


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