9 Questions with Full Send Triathlon

1. What is Full Send Triathlon?

Full Send triathlon is a combination elite/amatuer triathlon team based in the United States.

2. What does #fullsend mean?

Full Send is a combination of two words. “Send” is a verb that means “to complete an action”. Synonyms include “do”, “go for”, and “make happen”. “Full” is and adjective, or ‘intensifier’ that describes how you are sending it. It means “maximal effort”.

Putting this together - #fullsend means to attack a task with maximal effort. When you #fullsend, you are acting in spite of fear. You are all in. You are not holding back. Not thinking about the consequences. You are leaving your comfort zone and ridding your mind of “can’t”.

3. What are your values?

Full Send Triathlon values competition and sportsmanship above all else. We want to be the best version of ourselves and compete against the best in the sport in a fair competition to see who is the best on the day. Win or lose we are going to be the ones out there having the most fun - at any level of the sport.

4. How can I become a part of full send triathlon, and what are the qualifications?

Fill out our athlete application and keep mashing watts and bending chainrings. There are no official qualifications. Whether you are an Olympic hopeful, looking to complete your first triathlon, or anywhere in between. Full send is not about the results you get out, but the heart you put in. If you compete with heart and connect with our values - apply!

5. What are benefits of being a part of full send

All of our members will enjoy special rate and offers on coaching services. You will get to rock the dopest, most wet racing kit ever. You also get the support of our athletes and family environment that we’ve created. We are a #fullsendfamily. Represent and become a part of something bigger than yourself. We are greater together than we are alone. Join now and as we grow, more and more opportunities will become available.

6. How many athletes are you looking to bring on board for 2019?

We are looking for 10-15 athletes of all genders to kickstart our team for 2019.

7. What are required of #fullsend athletes?

Nothing is required - there are no required races, events, etc. All you must do is continually send it, show great sportsmanship, and have fun.

8. How does full send give back

Full Send Triathlon gives directly back into the triathlon community. We plan to sponsor elite athletes and Olympic hopefuls, as well as help to remove the financial barriers of entry to the sport in order to bring it to under served communities.

9. You guys sell merch?

Yes! Rock the OG #fullsend hat or join the team to get exclusive gear.

Justin LippertComment