Professional Triathletes Guide to Off-Season Social Media Success

*Disclaimer this post is meant to lightly poke fun at mainly myself…..and most triathletes out in social media* **Do not take this or yourself too seriously**

Just like the weather, social media has seasons. In the spring you see people begin to “buckle down” and put in the hard yards in the build up to race season. In summer and fall, timelines will be filled with race reports, finish line pics and smiling faces of positive results from race season. As the days get shorter and racing comes to an end, that only means one thing, off season is right around the corner. In a time where positive news can be a little thin and sweet race/finisher pictures can be only posted on Thursday. Full Send Triathlon wants to give you some help in navigating this precarious time period. Here is our quick guide to how a professional/elite/age group famous triathlete tackles off-season social media.

Post Number 1 - “Stepping outside my comfort zone”


This is the time of year where fitness does not matter. Upcoming races are far enough away, so being a little slow and out of shape is not only OK - but encouraged. As triathletes, we still have a burning desire to get better. So step outside of your “comfort zone” and try something you have never done. Grab a mountain bike and attempt to not fall off every two feet. Grab a cyclocross bike and practice those flying mounts. Sooner or later you will step back into your comfort zone, with a bruised shoulder or bruised ego. Or both.

Pro tip: Handle bar bags let everyone know how hipster you are

Post number 2 - “Making my weakness my strength”

more swim toys = more water watts #facts

more swim toys = more water watts #facts

Chances are you are an adult on set swimmer, just like me!!! I walked onto a college swim team not knowing how to do a flip turn. Against all odds, I have turned myself into a decent swimmer. Off season is gainz season and that means swimming. Shoulder churning, chlorine smelling swimming. Grab some friends and head down to the local swimming pool. The scent of chlorine and bleached hair will surely let the other athletes on the start line this summer know that you put in the hard yards this off season. Make sure to post about the 100x100 you did on New Years. The once a year 10,000 yard practice will surely help you during the summer.

Pro tip: The more gear you have on at once, the more water watts you will produce

Post number 3 - “Injury free this year”


Maybe you have been bitten by the injury bug this year. Or all that stepping outside of the comfort zone has lead to an injury. Well this is the perfect time to hit the gym and show everyone how big you are. Try cross-fit, pilates or just do some crazy completely unneeded exercise in an attempt to stay injury free for the summer/ race season.  The “pump” you get from the first couple lifts will be addicting, until you realize that it is all about watts to kilos and gaining muscles will not help you run. The only show muscles triathletes care about is our legs. So snap that picture of you lifting and drop the weights. Curls are for girls… said no one ever. We all know chicks dig the big ring. You know what they say about big chain rings…

Pro Tip: KT Tape is so pro. Does not matter where you put it, just slap it on and you will gain 30 running watts.

Post number 4 - “Off-Season Diet!!!!”


The easiest way to gain wattz is to let that DTE diet slip a little bit. No worries,  extra insulation for the winter and cold weather runs is ok. It is bulking season and all that extra gym work needs the extra calories. So eat that extra donut, and get those Ben and Jerry’s pints in (my favorite is The Tonight Dough). In reality, professionals run on sugar. We have a good race, ice cream. We have a bad race, chocolate. Any day that ends in “Y” have ourselves some cookies at night. So post about the off-season diet but once summer comes around make sure to keep those late night snack cravings off of social media. We can not let our rivals know about it.

Pro Tip: Get sponsored by a local ice cream shop so you can save money to travel to races….or so that you can justify getting ice cream everyday. 

Post number 5 - “Catching up with friends/ I actually have a normal life” 


I quit drinking, but that does not mean you have to. For the past several months you have been “grinding”  and deciding to stay inside and not be a normal “twenty something.” So for once - don't post how you went to bed at 8pm to wake up a 430am for those pesky long rides. Post about how you went out on the town with friends. You’re an endurance athlete, so all that low body fat and zero tolerance for alcohol will totally be cool with your friends. Two drinks and most likely you will be running to the bathroom or your head will be swimming.

Pro Tip: Mix in some electrolytes to your drink. Helps you hydrate and recover to hit your next session.

Here at Full Send we like to joke and have a good laugh at ourselves from time to time. On the other hand, I should let you all know that I am stepping outside my comfort zone and gaining some serious bike skills on my mountain bike. I am wearing no less then four pieces of swim gear during every swim. I am lifting and getting huge biceps. I am eating ice cream and cake for breakfast. I did go to a high school reunion and explain to everyone in ear shot “I am a professional athlete!!!!! What have you all done since high school???????” Then at 11:30pm I drove myself home and went to sleep in my parents basements…… #pro

Author: Spencer Ralston

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