How to overcome AOSS as a Triathlete

My Struggles and Journey with AOSS

*Disclaimer this blog is meant to be funny, do not take this, me or yourself too serious


The minute I stepped onto my college campus, I knew I was different. It did not take long for me to realize that my peers around did not have the shackles that I had. The effortless that flowed through them baffled me. Day after day my struggled seemed like a mountain to high for me to climb. I was staring down a journey that no one before me and I imagine no one after me will attempt.

I have Adult Onset Swimmer Syndrome 


The journey with AOSS has not been easy. But through out my years of training and meeting with other AOSS swimmers, I have complied a list of tricks and tips. This list can transform you from a novice swimmer who is intimated at the pool or start line, to a swimmer that strolls the pool deck with confidence. Someone who pushes through way to the start of the swim and loudly announces, “Yea, I am a swimmer”.


1) Over Compensate with gear

            Buy every piece of equipment you can. Snorkel, paddles, fins, more paddles, more fins and anything that can “help” with your stroke. If you cannot be the fastest swimmer, be good at something. Become the best at pulling or the best pulling with wearing fins with a snorkel. Everyone knows, the more gear the better you are. FACTS. May we suggest some Speedo gear *cough* Buy it *cough*


2) No IM. EVER.

For those with AOSS, IM means…. actually do not even worry about what it means because you should never do it. It will be a dead give away of your AOSS if you attempt to do fly, back and breast. Just stir clear of this; if your coach gives you some IM, congrats you have freestyle. The master team you are swimming with is doing IM, toss out the “I am a long distance swimmer, I don't need it”. Toss on some paddles and wreck some fools while they are doing IM


3) Flip Turns, you suck at them…. but you’re a triathlete.

            I have a question…are there flip turns in open water???? NO!!! Great! So why bother with them, or even a dolphin kick off the wall. (Again Adult swimmers do not worry about this term) You are a swimmer not a turner so just somehow toss your legs over your head and start moving again.


4) Blonde hair is a sign of your swimming yardage.

            You will see the true swimmers float across your path and see that beautifully chlorine bleached hair. It is almost as if they are making fun of you. “Oh you do not have bleached hair?!?!?! You must not swim that much”. Well that can change, instead of swimming 30-40,000 yards a week take the easy way. Buy some hair dye and then gloat to your friends about those blonde locks.


5) The only one that matters.

  Swim early and swim often. Like Dorey said “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”.

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