5 Tips for Full Send Student-Athletes

With USAT Collegiate Club National (duathlon?) Championships right around the corner, we thought we would share our 5 best tips to help you get the most of your triathlon experience while in school.

*For entertainment purposes only*

1. School “comes first”

Obviously the word student comes first in student athlete. But nobody ever really specified what kind of student you have to be. You can be an academic student or a student of triathlon, and we think the choice is pretty clear. How are you going to bend chainrings if your mind is being bent by calculus? And how will you mash watts if you're too busy mashing out papers? Always remember school "comes first." Plus, Cs get degrees ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


2. It's not "Swim, Bike, Run." It's "Send. Send. Send."

Though we speak so often of our prowess on two wheels, it's important to remember triathlon is a sport of three. Water watts and leg spring stiffness numbers are just as important as making sure your FTP is over 400. The top triathletes don't train by pace for anything (and they'll deny this because they want to keep their secrets), they train by watts. You cannot harness the ability to send unless you harness your watts.


3. If you're not carrying 4000 calories of snacks around on campus, you're not eating enough

We burn a lot of calories sending everything we do. Training, obviously, but we often forget to take into account the sheer amount of energy we burn doing everyday tasks. Taking notes in class, busting out a fat afternoon nap before your fourth session of the day, even cooking all the food we need to eat takes energy and if you're not constantly replacing it, well you're in deficit, my friend. How else are people going to know you're a triathlete if you're not constantly whipping out milk cartons and granola bars in class?


4. 53x11 or higher is the only acceptable gear ratio

This is self-explanatory. Our founder, USAT's 2018 Age Group Triathlete of the Year, 3x (and counting) national champion, King Send himself knows the only way to properly train is by smashing every ride. As the author of this piece, I can confirm this to be true. I once rode 53 miles with him and never once saw him leave our hallowed combination.


5. Speedos are love, Speedos are life

In class. Out of class. Swimming pool. Frat party. Don't you dare forget it