KOM Cycling - Quality cycling accessories for a quality ride


If you been into Triathlon or Cycling for a while, you probably have purchased a GPS bike computer to take your training to the next level. As your bike collection continues to grow you will find yourself looking for aftermarket bike computer mounts.

If you’re anything like us, you are perplexed by the multitude of different options you find on amazon, eBay, and other sites. Which ones are cheap pieces of crap? Which ones are from China with no quality control? Why is that one so overpriced?

Well fear no longer because KOM Cycling has entered the game - and they make more than just computer mounts. Full Send Triathlon was able to try out their product line and we have some good news - they produce premium quality cycling accessories at an affordable and reasonable price point. Read on to learn more.


Who is KOM Cycling?

KOM Cycling was born in 2016 in East Landing, Michigan and founded by a Michigan State University student, Austin Loper. Per their website, they say “Our design philosophy has always been simple: start with a clean slate and finish with a product that makes each ride better than the last.”. In the beginning they saw an opportunity to tackle the cycling computer mount market by offering a range of colors (10+ including there most popular carbon fiber finish) and offering them at an affordable price point that wouldn’t result in the rider spending $40-60 per mount. In more recent years they have been developing unique solutions for problems they and other athletes were encountering. These include their Sealant Injector and Phone Mount that attaches to your Garmin/Wahoo mount allowing you to display any app you want right on your handlebars. Austin says the name "KOM Cycling” came from his passion of chasing King of the Mountain segments on Strava… something all of us here at Full Send can relate too!

For the 2018 season, KOM Cycling was eager to help support and develop Full Send Triathlon into even more of a powerhouse team to contribute back to the Triathlon community. After testing their products for hundreds of miles of we can confirm that they manufacturer some killer products that you need to check out. So let’s jump right into their product line!


Computer Mounts

KOM Cycling is frequently seen with an "Amazon Best Seller” icon next to their products and for good reason. I have used my fair share of cheap computer mounts with a big helping of flimsy plastic but that is NOT the case with these computer mounts. Strong and sturdy made of a high quality hard plastic material. The ‘click’ engagement on both the Garmin and Wahoo mounts is strong and there is no fear of the computer popping out. All computer mounts ship with rubber C rings to accommodate different sized handlebars, and an allen key (although we would hope that if you own a bicycle you already have a set of allen keys.) KOM Cycling offers both regular “out-front” style mounts and underneath “aero-style” mounts if you prefer a cleaner, more streamlined look. They offer all of these with either Garmin or Wahoo compatibility. Prices range from $14.99 to $19.99 on their website.


Lots of our Full Send athletes opted to try out the mounts with the GoPro adapter. This adapter is threaded into the under the underside of the mount and allows you to capture all of the your favorite moments on your bike. I’ve had personal experience with a different brand of GoPro adapter that was cheap and would cause my GoPro to swing around over bumps or rough road. Not the case with KOM Cycling. Here is what a Full Send athlete Timmy Samec had to say about the Computer Mount and GoPro adapter combo: “The KOM cycling computer with integrated GoPro mount has been great and finally lets me break the camera back out while riding without a crazy selfie stick to worry about! Super secure too so I know I won’t lose anything on rough roads!”. Check out the GoPro mounts here.


The final product we were able to play around with was the KOM Cycling universal phone mount, that allows you to attach your smartphone to any Garmin or Wahoo mount. The bottom side is a strong adhesive (3M’s patented VHB) and attached to your smart phone. The top side is the quarter turn system that secures into your computer mount. We found this to have an extremely strong adhesion to your smartphone so there is again no fear of having that come undone. Full Send Athlete Nick Amato especially enjoyed this product as in the past he had to 3d print a phone adapter. With the adapter he got creative and mounted his iHome to his bike.. Any guesses on what songs he will be playing?

Here are some other testimonials from the Full Send athletes:

“All around great mount - easy to install, solid design to keep the GoPro smooth, and very sleek.” - Malcolm Hudson

“I got a couple of the out front Garmin mounts and one GoPro mount and it’s super easy to switch the GoPro mount from bike to bike that way. The Garmin mount holds firm and is very secure on my handlebars even when shredding the wildest of gnar.” - Patrick Martin

“The KOM Cycling products are top of the line. I use the universal phone mount for my iPhone XR and it works perfectly, never an issue.” - Taggart Vanetten

“I bought the Wahoo mounts, Garmin ounts, and the phone mount and they all work really well. No problems with it and they’re all great and lightweight so always a bonus.” - Payne Pachuda

“The KOM Cycling computer mount with integrated GoPro mount has been great and finally lets me break the camera back out while riding without a crazy selfie stick to worry about! Super secure too so I know I won’t lose anything on rough roads!” - Timmy Samec

“The sealant kit comes with the tool to take the core out which is really convenient and makes it a lot easier, the injectors also have a straw that is attached to the end so instead of precariously trying to aim the end of the syringe into the valve stem without spilling sealant all over yourself you can calmly stick the straw into the stem and inject away.” - Patrick Martin