Sore+Tired Magnesium Recovery Rub - The Full Send Secret to Recovery

Sore+Tired is a magnesium based rub meant to aid muscle soreness and recovery - Essentially magnesium salts without the mixing, mess, or salty film of a traditional Epsom salt bath.

Believe us when we say that Full Send Triathlon is a skeptical bunch. In a world full of palliative treatments, hot and cold creams, and the always lingering snake oil salesman promising you the world, it can be seemingly impossible to differentiate between a product built on empty promises vs. something that is actually worth its salt (ha, pun totally intended). Luckily for you, we here at Full Send Triathlon were able to try out the two products that Sore+Tired has to offer and give you an honest review and feedback on these revolutionary magnesium rubs. Spoiler alert: It’s a game changer. If you can’t wait and would like to head over to the Sore+Tired website right now, you can click here or just head to Otherwise, read on!


What is Sore+Tired?

Sore+Tired is a rub, similar to a the consistency of a lotion or a gel, except imagine that lotion is slightly sticky. The magic ingredient to Sore+Tired is mineral salts, mainly magnesium sulfate. Now let’s be clear: Magnesium sulfate is not a new revelation. It has been used for a long time by athletes both professional and amateur to aid in muscle recovery, usually in the form of an Epsom salt bath where the magnesium would permeate through the skin. This requires you to fill up the bath tub with hot water, mix in multiple cups of Epsom salt, and then sit in the bath for your desired period of time.

With Sore+Tired, you have a rub instead of a bath. So there is a concentration of magnesium within the rub, that when applied to your skin will permeate through into your muscles to provide the profound benefits that magnesium sulfate has to offer.

Figure 1 :  Results of a test to measure the amount of magnesium permeating human skin from 5 samples: A) pure water, B) Sore+Tired BLUE, C) magnesium salts in water at room temperature, D) magnesium salts at bath temperature, and E) an alternative formula using DMSO to promote skin permeation. (Kushwaha, et al, Tioga Research, 2016) via Sore+Tired website

Figure 1 : Results of a test to measure the amount of magnesium permeating human skin from 5 samples: A) pure water, B) Sore+Tired BLUE, C) magnesium salts in water at room temperature, D) magnesium salts at bath temperature, and E) an alternative formula using DMSO to promote skin permeation. (Kushwaha, et al, Tioga Research, 2016) via Sore+Tired website

So the burning question becomes this: Is Sore+Tired as good as an Epsom salt bath is at permeating through the skin and actually delivering the magnesium to your muscles? The answer is yes, even better actually. They have some information on their website about it from research that has been conducted. You can check it out here, but here is a screenshot (Figure 1).

Where Sore+Tired shines is in its convenience. Sore+Tired is extremely easy and convenient to apply on your skin. Simply squeeze a bit out of the tube and rub it on. Done. No water, no mixing, no salts, no bath, no getting wet, no clean up. If you just have a small niggle like a shin splint, you only have to apply Sore+Tired to that specific area. There is no need to bathe your whole body just for one tiny spot.

Wait, so what are the benefits of magnesium anyway?

If you are new to the wonderful world of magnesium in aiding muscle recovery and sports performance, you are in for a treat. Many runners, cyclists, triathletes, dancers, skiers, football players, and athletes from various other sports or athletic backgrounds extol the use of magnesium sulfate in aiding their recovery. Specifically, these athletes will use magnesium sulfate (commonly administered via an Epsom salt bath) to relieve muscle pain from over-exertion (delayed onset muscle soreness), to treat pain in muscle trigger points, and to speed the healing of minor injuries such as muscle strains and tendinitis.


But don’t take our word for it. Just have a look at this USA Today article titled, “Magnesium for Athletes: Why it’s Essential for Recovery” which sites this scientific study titled, “Update on the relationship between magnesium and exercise.” And of course, there’s no need to just take our word for it, as you can always do your own research and/or try it out for yourself.

So, does it work in the real world?

Full Send Triathlon was able to have an extensive trial of Sore+Tired products over the course of a few months and here is what they had to say:

“Sore+Tired is a game changer in terms of recovery. I massage it into the shin splints I get right above my ankle, and I feel both an instant relief and alleviated pain in the workouts that follow. I’ve also used it on a nagging patellar tendinopathy I had post IRONMAN and it cleared up within a few days of rubbing Sore+Tired on it. The ease and convenience is unmatched.” - Justin Lippert, 4xUSA Triathlon National Champion

“Sore+Tired allowed me to train at the highest level consistently. It allows for recovery to happen more rapidly and it has a soothing sensation when applied. I recommend it after especially taxing sessions.

The only reason Vince Luis beat me was because I wasn’t using this product at the time, and that’s the truth. I also would have won state in 2009 had I had this back then.” - Jack Felix, USA Professional ITU Triathlete and 3rd place at 2009 South Carolina AAA High School Cross Country State Championships.

“Ever since I started racing triathlon, I’ve struggled with shin splints from run training. This spring I dealt with a really bad bout and snagged some Sore+Tired from a buddy. It cleared up the shin splints and I’ve been pain free ever since.” - Scott Haeberle, Ex-pro swimmer turned triathlete

What is the difference between the Sore+Tired blue bottle and gold bottle?


Sore+Tired offers two variations of their rubs: a blue bottle (the original formula) and a gold bottle.

Sore+Tired BLUE has the higher concentration of magnesium salts (equal parts magnesium sulfate and magnesium chloride), containing one-third of a gram per teaspoon of their formulation. It also contains pure water, aloe, and other vitamins and emollients to avoid the itchy, salty film that can occur with other mineral salts.

Sore+Tired GOLD was developed specifically for runners, dancers, skaters, and others to work specifically well for overworked feet and calves. The gold bottle still contains one-third of a gram of mineral salts per tablespoon of the formulation, expect those salts are comprised of equal parts of magnesium sulfate and potassium chloride (compared the the magnesium chloride used in the blue bottle). Sore+Tired GOLD uses a slightly different combination of vitamins, botanicals, and emollients for a distinctly different foot and calf massage experience.

So we would recommend Sore+Tired BLUE for general use, and Sore+Tired GOLD if the primary use will be to relieve aching/overworked feet and calves. However, both formulations provide very similar benefits and can be used pretty interchangeably.

For both formulations, it is recommended to apply either before exertion, or following a shower or bath on hydrated skin for optimal permeation through the skin.

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