Full Send - Age Group Nationals round up 2019


The Full Send Triathlon squad took to the streets of Cleveland, Ohio on August 10th and 11th to race against the nations best at the USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships.

Thank You

Before we get into it, we want to say thank you to a few people. First off, thank you to USA Triathlon for organizing and putting together such a great event. We are extremely lucky that there exists a dominant national championship series in the US for amateur triathlon, where you know the top talent is going to show up and you get to pit yourself against those top competitors.

Thank you to our sponsor for the weekend. Without you it wouldn’t have been possible to provide what we did to make this weekend go as smoothly as it did.

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And finally, thank you to the triathlon community that has supported us and our vision to be ambassadors for triathlon and grow the sport in the US at all levels.


You can check out the video recaps of each day we were in Cleveland, Thursday through Sunday. Check out the youtube videos here:

Youtube Day 1 (Thursday)

Youtube Day 2 (Friday)
Youtube Day 3 (Saturday - Olympic Race)
Youtube Day 4 (Sunday - Sprint Race)

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Race Recap - Saturday (Olympic Distance)


Full Send lined up Saturday morning in Cleveland with a strong lineup, but were without a couple of their heavy hitters. Most notably is Nick Seeber, a podium contender in the 20-24 age group who has been recovering from some vertigo recently, and Scott Green, the reigning aquabike national champion and a force to be reckoned with in the 50-54 age group.

In total, there were over 2,200 athletes in Cleveland that crossed the finish line on Saturday. Here is how Full Send fared:

The first wave of the day was the Male 20-24 at 6:50 a.m. The water on Saturday morning at Edgewater Park was rough enough to cause USAT to shorten the swim from 1500 meters to 750 meters due to safety reasons. That didn’t stop Benjamin Stone from leading out of the water in a group of 2 in a time of 9:54.

Benjamin Stone - 9:54

Benjamin Stone - 9:54

Full Send has quite an attraction to fast transitions, so it is no surprise they threw down some nasty T1 times. Exiting T1, Full Send had 4 athletes in the top 11 going onto the bike course (Ben Stone, Bear Schickel, Cody Forman, and Garen Marter). The fastest Full Send T1 on the day goes to Tyler Woodward from the 25-29 age group in a time of….. hold on to your socks…. 2:09.

On to the bike, fastest split on the day goes to the 20 year old young gun Bear Schickel in a time of 57:03. Other notable bike splits include speedo-laden Conor “Big Time Bolly” Bollinger in 57:18 in the 25-29’s and Kayla Desanty holding it down for the ladies in 1:05:21 also in 25-29.

Bear Schickel en route to a 57:03 bike split

Bear Schickel en route to a 57:03 bike split

Bolly proves skin is aero with a 57:18

Bolly proves skin is aero with a 57:18

Bear Schickel and Cody Forman taught us a lesson in transition 2 with screaming fast times of 1:07, and Tyler Woodward not far behind in a 1:08.

Moving on to the final segment of the triathlon, the 10k run, Full Send had 3 of the first 10 athletes to enter the run course. Bear Schickel in 2nd place, Ben Stone in 4th, and Cody Forman in 9th, all of which were ahead of Zwift Academy athlete Justin Lippert who was in 10th.

The fastest Full Send run split on the day came from the Male 25-29 age group where Clayton Wilson ripped off a 34:42. Also notable was Cody Forman with a 34:53 and Tyler Woodward with a 35:03.

Cody Forman splits 34:53

Cody Forman splits 34:53

Clayton Wilson out runs the rest of Full Send with a 34:42

Clayton Wilson out runs the rest of Full Send with a 34:42

At the end of the day, Full Send put 3 on the podium and had 2 more miss it by one spot. So a big congrats to Cody Forman, 6th place in 20-24 and 14th overall, Bear Schickel 7th place 20-24 and 15th overall, and Tyler Woodward with a 4th place 25-29 and 16th place overall. That’s 3 Full Send in the top 20 overall!!


Special shout out to Benjamin Stone and Kayla DeSanty, who were both 1 spot off the podium in 11th place in their age groups, M20-24 and F25-29 respectively.

Here are all of the Full Send placings, and click here for a link to the results.

Male 20-24

Cody Forman, 6th place - 1:46:54

Bear Schickel, 7th place - 1:47:02

Benjamin Stone, 11th place - 1:48:35

Garen Marter, 22nd place - 1:51:42

Payne Pachuda, 23rd place - 1:52:21

Malcolm Hudson, 31st place - 1:56:26

Tyler Plihcik, 50th place - 2:04:05 (he rode gatorskins)

Michael Gingras, 58th place - 2:07:40

Male 25-29

Tyler Woodward, 4th place - 1:47:19

Conor Bollinger, 26th place - 1:52:23

Clayton Wilson, 51st place - 1:58:35

Female 25-29

Kayla Desanty, 11th place - 2:07:48

Female 30-34

Kara Ringo, 31st place - 2:17:15

Sprint Distance Race - Sunday August 11th

Day 2 of racing in Cleveland saw 9 Full Send athletes toe the start line, 5 of which found the podium. The top Full Send Finisher on the day was Ben Stone, with 10th place overall in 1:00:55 for the 750m swim, 20k bike, and 5k run.

Ben Stone, 10th Overall

Ben Stone, 10th Overall

The Prime breakdown is as follows:

Garen Marter had the fastest swim in a 9:54

Tyler Woodward taught us another lesson in T1 with a 2:11

Ben Stone split the fastest bike in 29:12

Tyler Woodward and Cody Forman both split 1:11 for T2

Clayton Wilson once again had the fastest run with a 17:03

And Kayla DeSanty swept all of the Primes for the ladies.

Results (link)

Male 20-24

Benjamin Stone, 6th place - 1:00:55

Cody Forman, 7th place - 1:01:09

Garen Marter, 9th place - 1:02:12

Nick Amato, 20th Place - 1:06:49

Tyler Plihcik, 27th place - 1:09:22

Cameron Frye, 37th place - 1:15:37

Male 25-29

Tyler Woodward, 4th place - 1:01:03

Clayton Wilson, 17th place - 1:05:15

Female 25-29

Kayla DeSanty, 6th place - 1:12:02

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