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Our Coaches

People often ask us, “Do I need to hire a Full Send coach?” or, “What if I am already affiliated with a team or coach?”

Not to worry! You can already be affiliated with any team or coach, and still rock the #fullsend and be a part of our community. However, we do offer coaching services from some of the best in the businesses at an exclusive rate - here are those that we get behind 100%.


JAmes “Jimmy” Petersen

Coach James has earned himself the title of “Master Sender” through his coaching accomplishments. If you are an elite or elite amateur athlete looking to rise to the top of the sport - either in ITU style racing or 70.3 and 140.6 - James is right for you.

Technically he is “Level II certified” but we all know that means horse crap. James has coached athletes to multiple top 10 ITU finished, multiple sub 4 hour 70.3’s, 2 national championships, and currently coaches 8 professional triathletes and the best age grouper in the world.

If you are looking for the best of the best - look no further.

Based in New Hampshire but coaches online via Training Peaks


Evan Culbert

Evan is a professional triathlete, doctor of physical therapy, and full-time sender. With a DPT degree, background of swim coaching for 5 years, and experience racing at the elite level, he is ready to help you turn your dreams into goals and send it to the fullest.

Whether you are a top level age group athlete or never done a triathlon, Evan will work together with you to structure a plan that fits your schedule and accelerates you to the next level. Before starting, we will discuss your schedule, current fitness level, injury history, and goals to create a plan that will help you full send injury free. 

Based wherever the world takes him but coaches online via Training Peaks