Conor Bollinger

28 Years Old //New York

2 x team usa

2019 ironman 70.3 worlds qualifier

Instagram: @bolly_triathlon

Website: https://www.bollytri.com/


About conor

Conor Bollinger, AKA “Big Time Bolly”, 27 years-old from New Hampton, NY & currently living in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Growing up I played football & lacrosse for 13 years but I didn’t get into triathlon/ endurance sports until I was 23.

I started racing after a friend asked me if I wanted to race a local Olympic back in 2014. After completing the race, winning my AG and placing 13th overall I was hooked. My accomplishments thus far have been 2x Team USA (Sprint/ Olympic) & Qualifying to Ironman 70.3 World’s 2019 in Nice, France (I have a bunch of overall W’s and podiums at local races as well). Since I started racing I have accumulated well over 50 triathlons under my belt.  My goals for next season are still up in the air, because I’m racing 70.3 Worlds I need to focus on middle distance but the thought of getting a pro card in short-course remains pretty enticing. Long-term goals are simple, Kona. Why? Because it’s Kona.

Outside of triathlon I hold a career in the health industry; I’m an Intelligent Supply Chain Specialist for a global track & trace company. On top of my career I’m also going back to school to receive my Health & Wellness Coaching Certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Eventually I want to be able to help individuals learn how to live life through the best versions of themselves. I believe there's a large gap between access to basic nutritional & lifestyle information and  people looking for this knowledge to enable themselves to start a more nutritious life.

My mantra is always to Live Healthy & Feel Groovy.