Elite Athletes

Full Send Triathlon Elite Athletes are out there sending it at the highest level of sport.


Jack Felix

An avid surfer and sender, Jack focuses on draft-legal style racing. He does cool triathlon things like Super League, MLT, and ITU races. Outside of that, Jack likes to surf and pet cute puppies.

Website: http://www.jackfelixracing.com

Facebook: JackFelixTriathlon

Instagram: @jackhhi


Marc Dubrick

Marc Dubrick took a while to find his place in the world - but knows how to send nonetheless. With a stellar running background - no lead is safe from Marc off the bike.

Instagram: @mdubrick7


Ali BRauer

Ali loves cats and racing triathlons. This ITU beast has an FTP that is probably higher than yours. She also has a surf boarding cat bro names Riemann (pronounced RYE-MANNNNN or REE-MAAHHNN or RA-MONEEEEE depending on the setting)

Instagram: @alibrauertri

Blog: http://alibrauertri.blogspot.com/


Evan Culbert

Mr. Rice and Beans himself - when not sending like his life depends on it, Evan is a physical therapist helping his patients back to the full send lifestyle. He’s racing ITU events to 70.3s in 2019. Watch out for the headband/speedo killer combo and a return of the mullet in 2019.

Instagram: @eculbs

Blog: https://evanculbert.wordpress.com/blog/


Spencer Ralston

Spencer is always sending. Whether triathlon or falling in love, Spencer is all in. He is the epitome of hard work, dedication, and leadership. Proud to support this fella, he races in ITU draft-legal style races, and loves to rock a speedo.

Website: SpencerRalstonTri.com

Instagram: @triswag1


Evan Pardi

Evan Pardi shreds on the double bass harder than he shreds his mountain bike. A professional triathlete getting his doctorate degree at Arizona State University, he is ready to school every non-PhD holder out there on the course.

Website: http://www.evanparditriathlon.com/

Instagram: @evanpardi