Evan Pardi

26 Years Old //Phd student // Arizona State university

professional triathlete

Professional shredder of the double bass

Professional cat owner

Instagram: @evanpardi

Website: http://www.evanparditriathlon.com/


About Evan

Evan Pardi is a professional triathlete and doctoral music student in Tempe, AZ from Yachats, Oregon. A fan of all fermented/ distilled grains, Formula 1, BBQ, and shredding local trails, Evan enjoys life fast, interesting, and intense. In his rookie pro season, Evan will be “full sending” it at Xterra World Championships and US Championships in 2019. Additionally, he will be adding in high caliber elite non-drafting events in the olympic distance, primarily . 2018 highlights include a 3rd place finish in the LifeTime Triathlon New York City Championship, a quick 4:05 70.3 PR, and top 15 overall finishes at Escape Surf City, Escape Philadelphia, and Escape from Alcatraz.

As well as being a triathlete, Evan plays the double bass as a doctoral student at Arizona State under the guidance of the legendary Catalin Rotaru. He performs regularly with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, Arizona Broadway Theatre, West Valley Symphony Orchestra, and the Cactus Chamber Players. As a soloist he has played recitals in Tempe, Eugene OR, Yachats OR, and in the Queen Victoria Rooms in Bristol, United Kingdom.  Evan is writing his dissertation on the music composed on the Oregon coast of the renowned Swiss-American composer, Ernest Bloch.

Evan is currently engaged to his fiancee Sarah Richards and will be married in Oregon September 2019. They live along the Ironman Arizona course in Tempe with their massive fat cat named Stryker and more bikes and basses than their apartment should likely hold.