George “Michael” G’Sell

25 Years Old // St. Louis Missouri

3 X World Championship Qualifier

3 X Team USA member

Instagram: @gmcgsell1


About Michael

As a kid I never really played any sports. I think that had part to do with growing in foster care. There weren’t a lot of opportunities for me to explore sports. 

When I was 17 I was adopted. After I was adopted I was able to live my own life and make decisions for myself and that’s when I decided to start becoming active. 

When I did my first triathlon back in 2013 I had never done anything like it, it was all new to me. After completing it I felt so liberated I began to start training. Uncoached for a few years I managed to snag Clydesdale National Championship title in 2015. In 2016 I started playing around working with a coach. Since then I have been to 3 iTU World Championships and several National Championships.

My love for triathlon has been pretty strong since day one, see the difference that it’s made in my life and others around me. I have some hefty goals for 2019 but I’m glad to have a group of people that I know will me more accountable than the previous years.