Jared Chan

21 Years Old // Louisiana

IRONMAN Lake Placid 2019

Instagram: @jarechan


About Jared

WATT’S GOOD FAM! I’m Jared to most, “J-Cash” to some, and I’m extraordinarily humbled and pumped to be here as an ambassador for the Full Send Team, the art and trend of #FullSend, the methodology and pedagogy of and related to #FullSending, and anything and everything having to do with applying the maximum amount of kilojoules over the shortest amount of time as possible. I hail from the center of the universe, NEW YORK CITY, and am currently living in New Orleans, LA, painstakingly working towards a biochemistry degree from Loyola University.

 My purpose as an ambassador on this (relative to my skill level, very overpowered) team is simple: to spread and share the love of and passion of the beautiful multisport of triathlon to both newcomers and seasoned athletes alike! I’m absolutely no J-Lipp, heck I can barely swim, but it is my hope that I can inspire people through my constant journey sending fully through both triathlon and life, that there’s always room for progress-- with zero time to spare.

Here’s the thing. I WAS NEVER AN ATHLETE!


I was a choir boy! A theater nerd! I’m even a jazz musician-- I still GET BREAD every week playing jazz guitar around the beautiful city of New Orleans! I was always (and still am) extremely passionate about these disciplines, and while my “Swim, Bike, Run,” may have been “Sing, Act, Strum,” the concept of giving my all and going #FullSend during every performance has never failed to bring me progress, accolades, and unparalleled fulfillment.

 My athletic horizons expanded when I signed up for a 4,330-mile charity-based cycling trip from Seattle, WA to Washington DC, which took place during the summer of 2017. The Journey of Hope, as it is called, is offered to members of my fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi; the purpose of the trip to raise funds and awareness for people with disabilities of all kinds, and to eliminate the stigma of disability from today’s society. The charity work takes place through The Ability Experience, a 501-c philanthropy organization owned and operated by the fraternity. This trip was special, because pretty much every day after cycling anywhere from around 60-135 miles to a new destination, we’d stop at a center that provides care and resources for people with various disabilities and have a “friendship visit,” where the team would play sports and games and have dance parties with the clients for a few hours. This was the most meaningful thing I’ve ever done in my entire life, and it sparked a flame radiating passion for both service and endurance sports thereafter.

 Long story short, I became an avid cyclist after this experience. And very recently, I’ve gone ahead and delved into the sport of triathlon, which has been an absolute blast. I’m excited to be surrounded by amazing athletes on this team and to inspire some more noobz like myself to take the plunge and get involved in this awesome lifestyle. My personal goal: to GET GOOD. And fast. Y’all are gonna hear that a lot, and I’m confident that my progress will show for it!


SEND IT! And if you haven’t already, START! It’s never too late :-)