Malcolm Hudson

22 Years Old //University of Michigan

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About Malcolm

My name’s Malcolm Hudson, and I’m a senior in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan. I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and even though sending it is all I do in college, back in high school I only swam and ran as a way of staying fit in my free time, and spent most of my time chilling or recreationally swimming in the “Río de la Plata” so you can probably say I come from a slightly unusual background.

I stumbled into triathlon by chance, when I was at the sports fair at the University of Michigan looking for a club to run in, and a club to swim in. When I stumbled upon the triathlon booth though, they didn’t only do both things, but they had bikes that looked out of some sci-fi movie, I knew I had to try this out, or #sendit if you will. The journey started with my first olympic distance tri at 2016 Collegiate Club Nationals at Clemson with a race that hit me so hard I finished in over 3 hours.

Ever since, I’ve been putting in work to make myself as fast as I can be. Even though I had never ridden a road or triathlon bike before college, it’s become such a passion it’s probably now my best out of the three disciplines. I raced my first 70.3 this summer, with a bittersweet race (terrible swim conditions, mismanaging nutrition and having a terrible run, but surprising myself with a 2:18 bike split). That same summer at Purdue Boilerman Triathlon, I managed to drop 1 hour off of my first olympic distance race just over 2 years before then, with a 3rd place finish and a time of 2:02. I’ve become so involved with the sport of triathlon that I’m also the President of the University of Michigan triathlon team, doing my part in giving back to the amazing community that got me so into the sport.

I started with 0 experience, and have achieved great things in a short period of time. My plans for 2019 include racing my first draft legal race at the Clermont Draft Legal Challenge, and some of my goals include placing top 100 at Collegiate Club Nationals, breaking 2 hours at an olympic distance triathlon, and racing a 70.3 I can actually be happy with.