About Michael

Watts up everyone, my name is Michael and I am absolutely STOKED to be a member of Full Send this year. I hail from a small town called Groton Massachusetts, and grew up absolutely despising endurance sports. It loathed running so much that during the 2 mile time trial during freshman soccer tryouts, I intentionally left one shoe untied so I would have an excuse to stop and tie it mid run. I had no send. It was pathetic. But those were the early days. 

Fast forward two years to me getting cut from the Varsity baseball squad. At the time I was incredibly upset - but this set in motion a series of events that led me to love endurance sports. (Thanks Coach M. ) Not wanting to spend the spring sportless, I joined the track team, and despite my hatred for running I decided to join the distance squad. After a few weeks of getting my ass kicked I was hooked. I loved everything about it, but especially loved the community of senders who were always supporting each other on and off the track.

After high school I packed my bags for upstate New York where I attended Cornell University. Half way through I decided to give Triathlon a go, and entered a local race with a buddy of mine. Despite minimal swimming or biking experience we both sent the pants off of that race, myself sending it out of the swim so hard that I forgot my running shoes at the water, leaving me no choice but to run the entire run leg in only socks. My first triathlon was a success, and I’ve had the triathlon bug ever since.

In my final two years at Cornell I joined our club team (huge shoutout to Cornell Tri) where I put up some below average performances after hibernating through most of Ithaca's winters. After leaving Cornell I decided the time was ripe to send it into a 70.3, so I started taking my training way more seriously and put up a 10th place performance in the AG. Not going to lie, I was really trying to get that worlds qualy spot, but the field was competitive and I have to give it up to the other homies out there who sent it 150%. That race left me FAMISHED for more races, and I’m currently preparing to take the 70.3 scene by storm in 2019. My goals for next year are to get that worlds qualifier no matter what it takes, and to flex on the local homies by breaking the tape at my favorite local race.

I will leave you with my favorite pump of video, featuring Lionel Sanders gulping down watts while cursing his future opponents from the (dis)comfort of his pain cave. Enjoy.