Nathan F. Cohen

21 Years Old //California

Instagram: @natefdot



About Nathan F. Cohen

Nathan F. Cohen is my full name. My parents decided to not give me a real middle name so on my birth certificate they just put the letter F with a ‘dot’(.) after it. They said it could stand for anything I want it too so maybe it stands for FAST, Future Olympian, or Full Sender who’s to say really. I was born in the City of Los Angels and I grew up in and around that city until I was 19 and moved to Ventura, CA. I currently live and train in Ventura, CA because its an awesome place for triathlon and its still close to my home city of Los Angeles and LAX where I always fly out of for my races. 

I ran cross country 4th-8th grade and I would kill it in the 3 lane lap pool at my local YMCA with my dad who swam in high school. When I was 14 my dad fixed up his 1986 Cannondale road bike and said we should do a triathlon. The bike may have been 2 sizes too big and my seat was practically touching the frame, but are you silly? I still sent it. I did my first Triathlon ever was the Carlsbad triathlon in 2012 when I was 14 I stared down 5-6ft waves in my jammers thinking “what the heck am I getting into” but I finished and it was awesome! My second race was the LA Triathlon which is totally epic, the swim is in Venice beach and then the bike takes you to down town LA and you finish at LA Live right in-front of the Staples Center. I finished in second place in my age group and stood on the podium at LA live and it was my first time being on the podium for anything ever! After the first race I may have been hooked on triathlon but after the second race I would say that I was committed. 

Now fast forward a few years I am currently #raceage 20 and I have raced all over the U.S. and also once in Europe for Age Group World Championships. My goal is to compete in the Triathlon and MTR in the Paris 2024 & the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics.  The Dream would be to carry the flag in the opening ceremony’s for Team USA for the 2028 Olympics in my home city. If I’m being real I get a little emotional just thinking about that. 

I honestly just want to inspire the next generation to chase there dreams! If I can just inspire someone to forget whats safe and actually chase their dreams; and then they become an Olympic gold medalist, Astronaut, or President! That would be the Ultimate Full and Complete Send for me. 



1. My Half Marathon PR is 2:23:31.  Little bit of context, I was 13, I had a Number 1 buzz cut, it was pouring rain for the first 10 miles, and I only did it because I wanted to beat my 8th grad English teacher Mr. Squires. I didn’t beat him. 

2. I Race 1x in all my races because I don’t believe in small chain rings. I believe in #fullsend. Ask me what gear ratio I’m running. I dare you. 

3. One of my life goals is to Break the Marathon World record for pushing a baby stroller. 

4. After I retire from professional Triathlon I would love to be a guide for a Blind triathlete at the Paralympics.  

5. My favorite color is Red because it is the fastest color.