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Nick Amato

23 Years Old //University of michigan

2015 USAT U-19 Duathlon National Champion

Instagram: @n1ck.amato

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About nick

My name is Nick Amato, a graduating senior at the University of Michigan studying Public Health, Entrepreneurship, and Sendology. Hailing from the greatest city in the world - Traverse City, Michigan - I promise you that I can spit a cherry pit farther than you can (other than being beach bums… that’s essentially all we do up there). I have to give credit to my father for dragging me away from baseball and into triathlon, but since my first competition in 2011 I’ve learned to love the sport, bagging a duathlon age-group national championship title and finishing second overall at the Midwest Collegiate Championships. My goals for the next season are to start consistently going sub-2 in the Olympic distance by improving in the water and rediscovering my passion for running. Get at me if you’re trying to get on this train.

Outside of triathlon I enjoy Nordic skiing for cross training, cliff jumping for send training, and surfski racing (if you don’t know what this is, check it out). I’m looking forward to being a part of Team Full Send Triathlon and making big moves in 2019 with this boss group of vigorous and astute athletes. Don’t be afraid to follow me on social media and slide into the DM’s.