Oliver “Oli” Porter

20 Years Old // Queens University

U19 Duathlon Standard Distance National Champion

2nd place - U19 Long Course National Championships 2018

3rd Place Team - Queens Triathlon - Collegiate Nationals 2018

Instagram: @Oli_p19


About Oliver

19 years old from the beautiful city of Scarborough located in Yorkshire, England.

Yorkshire is known for its professional cyclists and triathletes, meaning that #fullsending is in our DNA.

Oli currently lives in Asheville, NC and races for the Queens University of Charlotte Triathlon Team. When Queens top two finishers got DQ’d at the conference championships… who #sentit to secure the bread (and the championship) for Queens U.? Right. Oli did.

When not acquiring the bread, Oli is usually studying, looking at houses he can’t afford on Zillow, or watching conspiracy theory videos on YouTube at 2 am.