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Payne Pachuda

20 Years Old // Ohio State University

3 x USAT U-19 Long Course National Champion

2 x U-19 ITU Long Course World Champion

Instagram: @PaynePachuda

Twitter: @Payne_Pachuda

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About Payne

Hey, what’s up? You’re probably here reading about how you can achieve the FULL SEND mindset. Simple. First: mash watts, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Second: look good doing it. When it comes to me, I hail from a town called West Chester, Pennsylvania, but I also lived in Avon Lake, Ohio for about 8 years. From an early age I was in any sport you could name, like any normal child. The main sport was soccer for countless travel teams. Was able to play in France, and England during that time.

By the time I reached middle school, I began running cross country and track, I wasn’t the best or anything, but my soccer background helped. I continued running and playing soccer until about 2015, where I quit soccer and track. From there I picked up riding bikes with my dad and learned to swim competitively. From there I did a beginner triathlon the summer of 2015 and took it and SENT it from there.


I put my sights on winning three U-19 National Championships and two U-19 World Championships. In 2016 I won the U-19 USAT Long Course National Championship, with a time of 4:37 (but 4:41 after a drafting penalty.) In 2017 I won the U-19 ITU Long Course Triathlon World Championship, 3k swim, 120k bike, 30k run, in Penticton, Canada with a time of 6:59:26. 6 days before that I race I was hit by a car, and ended up with a black eye, almost broken wrist, and a bruised sternum, so I had to FULL SEND it for that race. Later in 2017, I won my second U-19 USAT Long Course National Championship.

The 2018 season rolled around, and I had an under-preformed collegiate nationals race. But I followed it up with a second place in the U-19 ITU Long Course Triathlon World Championships, in Fyn, Denmark, the same distance as 2017, but the race lost my entire running gear for that nearly 20-mile run (EXTREMELY PAINFUL, BLISTERS EVERYWHERE). My time was 6:41:40.

Finally, in November of 2018 I won the U-19 USAT Long Course National Championship, in a time of 6:40:18. If you haven’t been keeping track, that’s three years in a row.


On top of that mouthful, I attended THE Ohio State University. I am the social media chair for the Ohio State Triathlon Club (@osutriathlon on Instagram), and not only am I on the team but so is Clayton Wilson, an absolute beast of an athlete, ran with Justin Lippert at Clemson during their undergrad. I am pursuing a degree in Biology on a veterinarian track. Over this past summer, I lived in Fort Collins, Colorado by myself, working at the Colorado State University Veterinarian Research Clinic.