Roman Mitchell

22 Years Old // The Ohio State University

Voted Best Hair in Triathlon by Full Send CEO

Instagram: @romanmitchell2016


About Roman

I was born in Perrysburg, Ohio but truly forged in the small town of Celina, Ohio. Celina holds the second largest man made lake in the world, so you would think I grew up a swimmer. Nope... it turns out that lake is the number one largest toxic man made lake in the world as well. Combine that with the towns common knowledge of $50 mongoose bikes Walmart was “cool bike were young lads” biking was never real option growing up.

I naturally became a runner from all my failed attempts of trying “real” sports. In my first race of middle school cross country I ran a 15:30 for a two mile race. I ended my high school running career with a 9:57 in the 3200 meter run to grab a WBL league title. Triathlons were something I always wanted to try ever since I was a little kid because my best friend’s dad competed in triathlons, at the time it was only just a dream.

Once out of high school I gave longer distance running races a try but after suffering from repeated injuries I knew I needed an alternate solution. I joined the Ohio State University Triathlon Club the following year. I am now the secretary for the Club and making the dream a reality. Every year I will get better until I am amongst the top. My Fullsend is a journey that is continuously happening, balancing everything a college students deals with and still finding time to mash watts until my legs fall off. I might not have many triathlon accolades yet but my claim to fame is my hair. Once the hair comes out on the run you are in trouble because I save the best for last. I am one of three fellow senders who train with the Ohio State University Triathlon Club.