Scott “The Machine” Green

52 Years Old // Massachusetts

National Champion - 2018 USAT International Aquabike (overall… not just age group.)

3rd place AG - 2014 long course Aquabike National Championship

2nd place AG - 2011 USAT Sprint National Championships

3 x Team USA Member (London, Chicago, Rotterdam)

8 x USAT All American

4 x Ironman Lake Placid Finisher

Father of 3 awesome kids (13, 11, and 11)

Instagram: @scottygreen99

Twitter: @stgreen

Zwift Handle: T. Last Jedi-#Fullsend


About SCott

University of Vermont (undergrad)

University of Massachusetts and Cornell University ( Grad school - masters in Japanese language)

I did my first triathlon in 1992 on a Trek mountain bike (suspension hadn't even been invented yet!)  and I forgot my running shoes. No joke. I've been steadily improving for the past 26 years and over a quarter century later I finally won my first National Championship in Miami in the International Distance Aquabike Competition in November of 2018. It was awesome! (Edit from Justin - Scott won the overall national championship. He beat everybody in the race, regardless of age. At 51 years old. Legend.)


I didn't cycle in college or run track during my high school days or even swim at the local YMCA. I was an eye/hand guy who played baseball, lacrosse, street hockey and ski raced in the winter. In 1992 I met a guy in Chattanooga, Tennessee who got me involved in the triathlon and I was hooked. Big time. I raced everything from sprint distance to Ironmans and everything in between. I've raced an Olympic distance race in Japan the day after getting into a car accident (the doctor said don't do anything for a month...Oops!)  I raced in Argentina on the of eve the Y2K epidemic (nothing happened!); I raced the inaugural Lake Placid Ironman in 1999 when you mailed in your registration through the post office as the Internet was this relatively 'new' thing and Ironman's didn't sell out like Springsteen concerts. I jumped off the Hornblower and Escaped from Alcatraz in the late 1990's on my 650c bike made by a new company called Felt. I haven't seen it all, but I've seen and raced a lot! 


I worked hard over the years to improve from the back of the pack to the middle and now the front. And I like the front better! I've spent time in swim flumes analyzing my stroke, done one-too-many bike STEP tests on the bike and had my run analyzed on many treadmills. I relish the process and love to compete. During one stretch in 2017 I competed in 7 races in 6 weeks. Yeah, #fullsend all right! 

When I am not waking up at 4am to get the rides in on Zwift, running in complete darkness with my headlamp or racing to the pool right after work, I am an 8th grade social studies teacher with a wife and three kids. All 3 have competed in multi-sport events and swim competitively as well.  Every time I come home from races they steal my medals and I often don't see them again for months. I like that. 

I met Justin and some of The Dudes at Clermont in 2018 through Nor'Easter Training and it's been just great. Fast athletes who enjoy a good conversation and a laugh as well. I've enjoyed my time working with James as my coach and feel like I am just getting started. My goals for 2019 are to win everything I compete in. That's it. Local sprints, 5k's, national championships, whatever. #fullsend. See you on the podium.