Spencer Ralston

24 Years Old // Professional athlete

Instagram: @triswag1

Twitter: @triswag

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About SPencer

First off allow me to introduce myself. I am Spencer Ralston, a 23 year water watt smashing, gear churning, run FTP though the roof triathlete.

Under the guidance of Head Dude James Petersen, I have transformed myself from a college lax bro to a triathlete who values sleep over late nights and tempo runs over beer runs.

Lovingly looking back on my early years in sport, I found that I have always been a grinder. Someone who never frowned or groaned over the sight of hard work.

Let us take a quick trip down memory lane to give an example. I went to high school in the up- state Massachusetts, a place know for windchill and snow. For three winter, I would get up at 5am, put on my running gear and shovel a 300m track around the turf football field so I would have a safe place to run.... still trying to find my running legs tho.

Since the creation of “The Dudes” and “Full Send” it has ignited a bigger passion for triathlons. I know have a group of dudes and senders who support and take pride in our own accomplishments and each others glorious sends.

Entering into the 2019 season my quest in draft legal is to rip apart the ITU scene and capture top 10s in every continental cup I enter. Maybe even wiggle my way into a few world cups by the end of the year. In non-draft racing I hope to put the speedo on the NYC Triathlon and Boston Triathlon podiums.... oh did I mention a potential Xterra Pro Worlds debut in the speedo.... just wait on it.

Needless to say, I can not wait to race under the Full Send banner this year.

Do not wait... apply today!!!

I wanted a photo to sum up my college lacrosse career.... and well I'm the guy in white.....