Taggart VanEtten

24 Years Old // Illinois

Litchfield Olympic Tri Course Record Holder

Team USA Qualifier

Instagram: @taggart_vanetten

Blog: https://taggartvanettentriathlon.wordpress.com/


About Taggart

I didn’t start endurance sports until I was a junior in high school when I joined the track team. A few years later of running in high school and junior college I decided that just running wasn’t going to cut it for me. I wanted something more so, I set sights on triathlon. In 2016 I competed in a few sprint triathlons during the summer between my final track and cross country season.

However, I decided to indefinitely leave the run scene and give triathlon my full concentration in 2017. During this time, I transferred to Eastern Illinois University to finish my bachelor’s degree. I was fortunate enough to join an already established triathlon club that featured two all Americans. During my time at EIU I truly learned how to train for triathlon.

Fast forward to 2018, I have had success in the Olympic and Sprint distance non-draft style racing. The leaps and bounds I made in multi-sport training will propel me in 2019 where I will begin all focus for the 70.3 distance. Nonetheless, I am thrilled to being joining talented athletes at Full Send Triathlon.