Tyler Plihcik

20 Years Old // Northern Arizona University

Instagram: @tyler04199


About Tyler

I was born and raised in Mesa Arizona, where a summer day under 110 degrees is considered “nice”. Played pretty much every sport I could get into, basketball, baseball, soccer.. the works. Once junior high hit I played football and during a game I ran down a kid from one corner of the field to the other who had at least a twenty yard head start.. it was at that moment I realized I had speed. Later that school year I went out for track and I fell in love. Following my dads footsteps (former collegiate sprinter)  I too was a sprinter, doing every sprint distance but eventually in high school ending up at the 400m, boasting an unofficial fastest relay split of 48.8, but it was the lead off leg so it counts as an open.. in my mind...  anyway I coughed up blood after that race so I’m gonna count it. 

After graduation Northern Arizona University was the move, I knew I couldn’t make the times for the track and 2x in a row XC national champions here and that’s when I found out about the Triathlon team. Making the transition from sprinter to endurance athlete was a challenge and still is but after my first race, where I was the run leg in a sprint relay, I was hooked. We won by 15 minutes over the second place team. The rest of the 2017 season went amazing, grabbing myself 2 gold medals, at rage and Carlsbad triathlons, and a couple of top 10 finishes at the rest, ending my first season as a triathlete at Age Group Nationals. On vacation in Alabama a month prior I messed up my MCL pretty bad, and couldn’t run or bike for the entire month leading up to the race. But I had to s s s SEND IT and raced anyway. Leaving Cleveland with just a finisher medal this year hurt more than my knee during the race, but I’ll be back with vengeance next year. 

Outside of triathlon I’m you’re regular Computer Science majoring nerd, I love learning languages, both computer and spoken— (currently learning Arabic). You could call me a coffee snob, and you’d be right. During winter and summer breaks I hold down a Dairy Queen Grill and Chill and I watch way too many super hero movies and shows.