Vanessa Leigh Petersen

26 Years Old // Hudson, New Hampshire

Nor’easter Elite assistant coach

Université de Vatter Melòn | B.A. in Sendology

Instagram: @_vanessaptri

Twitter: @_vanessaptri 

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About Vanessa a.k.a. “V-DAwg”

Vanessa was born and raised in the town of Westborough, Massachusetts, where she would regularly request her mom time her as she sprinted around the house as fast as her four-year-old legs could turn. 

Vanessa followed her love of running through some disastrously uncoordinated years of soccer before finding her sweet spot as a designated 400m sprinter and relay anchor. After setting a few school records and a trip to Nike Indoor Nationals, Vanessa pursued her love of quarter-mile sending to Bentley University. There, after two years of ITB issues and questionable coaching methods (overhead sandbag sprints, if you’re wondering), she decided it was time to find the next competitive adventure — and joined Bentley’s club triathlon team. 

Vanessa is currently full-sending in all aspects of life: In addition to working full time as a marketing specialist at Forrester Research, training 15-20 hours per week, and coaching a send-worthy squad of age groupers, Vanessa enjoys spending her time commuting from New Hampshire to Boston and back, playing the violin in a local semi-professional orchestra, and maintaining multiple Instagram accounts. 

In October of 2018, Vanessa sent it all the way to the altar, marrying Nor’easter Elite head coach James Petersen (aka essentially marrying the sport of triathlon itself). 

Get to know Vanessa through any one of her many IGs, including but not limited to: @_vanessaptri, @vanessaleighp, @lightandwild, @theorganizedathlete, or @greysonandmouks (this one is just cats).