Yusef Qasim

35 Years Old // Spring Lake, NJ

OG Send Squad

2 x Ironman Lake Placid

6 x 70.3

Instagram: @yqasim


About Yusef

As a competitive elite soccer player throughout my life, triathlons was the least sport on my radar but my pursuit to be competitive in anything I did was instilled in me since the day I was born. From the view of triathlon, I am what you call a “late bloomer”. I learned to bike when I was 8,  swimming when I was 14 , and running more than a 5k by the age of 26 . All of which puts me at a severe disadvantage but what excites me to grind it out everyday to get to the top. After learning what an Ironman was at my local gym and hearing some fit guys signup for the NYC Ironman, like most Triathletes these days, I decided to sign up for a local 70.3 , buy bike and hop in the pool . Aside from having a decent performance without much coaching, knowledge in the sport, or guidance – I ate a lot of humble pie and quickly realized I wanted to see this sport thru and test my limits.

Fast Forward in just 4 short years, I have completed in 2 - 140.3 Races (IM Lake Placid), 6 - 70.3 Races , Marathons and a slew of local Olympic & Sprint distances. My podium appearances have just started in the last 2 years on the short races and I am actively pursuing some major PR’s along with a podium appearance on the longer distances.

What do I do outside of triathlon?

I have been a successful entrepreneur since the age of 14 (all technology related) and one of the co-founders in Healthcare’s most successful payments company in the US. I frequently travel for work, am a proud father to my 2 year old son Cameron (The Next Generation of Senders), and husband to my amazing wife and #1 cheerleader Carly. So with a busy work schedule, family , training – we continue to actively pursuit our passion in traveling and seeing the world. I make sure to document some epic and not so epic training sessions in these locations along the way.

What does Full Send Triathlon mean to me?

Seeing Justin commit to building a strong brand and team, I applied to be an “OG sender” because I felt the mission of Full Send resonated with me from both the results you can put down in races but also the way you go about it outside of the races and in your community. Having a full time job & family, I know I send it every day in every facet of my life and I want people to be reminded in a big way that it can all happen simultaneously without sacrificing everything. Many sacrifice everything for one thing - I don’t want to sacrifice anything to have everything . It takes discipline, motivation and being surrounded by such a diverse group of young athletes, its an honor to be motivated and pushed by them.

I realize I am part of an insanely talented group of athletes but I am committed to throwing down, watting out, and sending as hard if not harder then these young guns. And want to have fun doing it the entire time.